Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Sudden Change...

A woman is a woman, but not until one goes through...The Change of Life!!!! I have had it easy, when it comes to this, change. Here I am, 56 years young and no symptoms of the dreaded, change! I had my surgery to see what is going on; ruling out Cancer, as well. I have suspicions that my Dr. may have turned the lever, up, as I have now been going through with some symptoms.

I am reading Suzanne Somers book, on the Hormone Connection for both men and women. I will quote some from her impressive experiences, going through.." The Change!"

The 7 Dwarfs come to mind, when one experiences some of the change. Like, when Sweaty appeared, and I would awaken to the dreadful hot flashes. Pour Bill, covers off and covers on; as this does affect both of us.
I never know when these hot flashes will appear during the day, either. Not fun when all of a sudden, Sweaty takes a hold! Grumpy, is always close behind and I'm just not sure what to expect..Nor does Bill. Itchy, has me going and going. I feel as if I will no longer have any flesh on my arms with this one around.
Sleepy, now this one is the best...if only I could fix it, to help me get a good nights sleep!

I'm hoping that the other Dwarfs will stay a distance, for a while, anyway. I'm not sure that any of us, women and men, are exempt from these little Dwarfs, appearing, when they feel they need to.

Such is, "The Change of Life"...

Monday, September 18, 2006

A New Little One....

Well, I'm back. I decided that there was a need to get out there and post. My Nephew and his wife, Aaryon had a baby boy last Wednesday morning. Aaryon was due on the 21st of this month. Shawn and Aaryon took birthing classes and were not quite ready for what was to happen before the due date.

Aaryon went into labor on Tuesday and things were going well, until the baby started to ease its journey through the birthing canal. Apparently, the cord was wrapped around the babys neck and with each push on Aaryon's part gave a tug on the babys neck. There was mention of a C-Section, but the Drs. decided that the cord had to be cut while in the birth canal. So, that was done. Aaryon was able to push and the baby was born. But, there was notice that the baby was not breathing well, and he was very dehydrated. He was taken away immediately and put on a respirator. Aaryon and Shawn did not expect this and was kept from the baby for some time, while he was being monitored. Eventually the baby was taken off the respirator and breathing on his own.

With the early arrival of the baby, Shawn and Aaryon still do not have a name for the baby. I can say, that this baby made it through and into this world with a fighting will to survive and we are so glad that there was strength within. The baby and the proud parents are home now. In fact, Bill, Paul, Tom and I went to see this Miracle-little-one, yesterday. He is a beautiful baby boy. A little over 6 pounds and still a sleeper. We all took our turns holding the baby. Paul, still not ready, as he says, they are so fragile, at this time. I know, once the baby is able to hold his head up with ease, Paul will be on the floor with him and carrying him around.

I am so glad for the parents, that the ordeal they went through is over, and now they can get on with life, with their baby boy. We took a few pictures and I am hoping that they turn out and we are able to share with others.

Life, is truly a Miracle....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is Anyone Out There?

When Terry told me about blogging and starting an account for myself, I thought about it, long and hard. It's that,"NEW" thing that scares me. Terry told me about how Deedee started and all the pictures and experiences of her day, with Sarah. I read and sent comments, as others did.

Terry started to blog, then Meghan, also Lori. So, once again, I thought about this Blog Thing. I decided to give it a try and boy do you get, Hooked! Things, from ones past, seem to come to mind and that could be a good thing...depending on what is written. I found I enjoyed that and wanted to share with, " THE BLOGGERS"...guess that's what it is all about! Even looked forward to the comments.

Paul started to blog, and that was so important to him. He needed to do that, I thought, with the troubles in mind and to release that with others. His dad and I are so very proud of him! Friends are what blogging is about, too, as I see it. So, day to day, I looked forward to the entries of others. Read them and sent comments. But, I have found lately, that I need to step back and take a break from this, "Blogging Thing!" I have fun doing this and it brings a special time of the day, to look forward to all the blogs and doing my own. But, as I see, others are busy with their daily chores and with some blogs, I don't hear from them. I see that the comments to others are important. Does that bring to mind, that not many are reading blogs from others...Yes! So, maybe one is wasting, their time-of-the-day, with blogging? Yes, it is a good release and brings many laughs.

So, with this, I have decided to take some time off...guess one could say, " Going into, the Hibernation Thing...just like some animals!!!

Thanks to those, who have enjoyed my blogs, with the comments sent. That was always; "A Look Forward to the Day, for me!" Lots of fun!!!

Enjoy your blogging!
Love to all....

Is a

Monday, September 04, 2006

A Sequel to a Bargain

Yesterday I went back to Kmart to retrieve another gas-grill for Paul. The manager I spoke to regarding the matter, was suppose to put a grill a side for me to pick up before noon. There was no grill. Do I say that I was mad...YEP! I wanted to speak with, "Steve the Manager", and he was off, for the day, lucky for him! I was on a mission and when someone tells me they will do something for me, I take that very serious.

I decided to take matters in my own hand and went outside to see if there were more grills. Lucky for the management; as there were. At first the sales person was going to give me the extra leg that was missing in the box. But, I could not remember which one was missing. You see, there are two long and two short. So, I decided to buy another grill. I took it up to the costumer service desk to pay. As I waited to purchase it, a manager came on the intercom. "Attention Kmart shoppers, with the current markdown of our clearance items, you can now take an additional 50% off of the merchandise." Well, as luck has it, I was in the right place, at the right time!!! The owner of a $129.00 gas-grill, now at $17.26!!!

A Bargain IS a Bargain! Anything for my Paul....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A bargain...

You all know me....whether there's a sale at a local store, such as Target...my favorite store to shop at or going to a thrift shop, looking for something interesting....a bargain is a bargain!

Paul told me a while back that he wanted a gas grill. So, there was a mission; to find a gas grill! With the end of the Summer season, I knew there would be some sales. I'm not one to shop at Wal-Mart or K-Mart, but for my Paul; I was on the hunt!

I noticed a sale at K-Mart, so I decided to drive over and see what they might have. There were several gas-grills out in the front of the store....on clearance! I mentioned to Paul about the sale and he seemed intersted. I went back, knowing that with the end of the season, there would be another mark down. And there was!! Originally, the grills were $129.00, marked down to $64.95. I didn't buy one, at that time. Bill and I went back to see if there were any left...there were! But, still I decided to wait for the weekend, with it being Labor Day weekend, to see if there would be an additional mark-down.

Paul came down to spend the night on Friday evening. We all decided to get up and go for Brunch and then do some shopping.
Bill got his first check with his new job and he told me he wanted me to buy something special, for myself. I told him I wanted to go back to K-Mart and see if there were more grills left. So, off to K-Mart, we went. I was so excited, and got out of the car before the guys did. I made it to the sale items, and there were the grills.....at another reduction...now $ 32.95!! Paul grabbed one and off we went. The guys are always amazed at how I find the bargains...me, I think, I have a Gene within and that makes it easy!!!

Paul left early, back to do chores at his place. I decided I needed to do some garden work, out back. The weather was so nice and getting me outside and in my garden is always a special time for me, to relax and play! Several hours later, Paul called, saying he had opened the box of his grill and started putting it together. The grill had all the parts, with the exception of one leg...three were the same length and the fourth was shorter. Hum....I needed to do something about that!! With Paul being in Santa Cruz, and no K-Mart close by, I decided to call the Big-K, here. I went straight to the manager and explained what was wrong with the grill. I asked if he could see if there were any left outside. As when we bought the other one, there were just 3 left. There were, and I asked to have one put a side. At first, he was reluctant to do it. I will need to go back, before noon to buy another and have Paul bring the disabled one back, for me to get a refund, on that one.

With the mission of finding a grill for Paul....a bargain is a bargain!!!!