Saturday, July 04, 2009

This 4TH of July...

As I start this day; July 4TH 2009, I will think about family and friends who are celebrating this Independence Day. I will think of the barbeque's, the music, the gathering of different things that will occur for all. We have the "freedom" to do many things, here in our United States of America.
I think of my dear and loving father for these United States of America and his faithfulness of being a proud Soldier, for 29years. His courageousness of fighting for the freedom of our America. His many wars he was in: Korea, twice, WW2 and Vietnam, twice. He was not injured with regards to his body but I can tell you he must have been injured within, to be left many times alone to fight not only for the others but for himself. He was a PROUD Soldier and a strong witness to all he had endured over those many years. HE really never talked about what happened to him and others. But my mother told me of how he would have nightmares when returning from the wars. I remember talking with him, over the phone when he was in Vietnam, saying "OVER" with each and every sentence. I remember being so frightened when he was in Vietnam, as many young students as I was, in High School and hearing and seeing the actions that took place there and how scared I was that my father would not return. To this day I have letters that I sent to him with the many other items he had when he was in Vietnam and the other wars.I have a display case with these items and always proud to share it with others.
My father was a family-guy. He loved getting together with family and just sitting back and seeing all that was before him. You could see in his eyes that it was where he had always visioned when he was alone in the bunkers and hills of the wars. I loved when my father would get his, "courting glasses", as he called them when we all were together. They were the shiny gold glasses he paid for. He wore a black pair which were given to him by the Army...those he wore around the house. I remember when we went out, how he would get his, "dressy" clothes on and slick back his hair....with Brill Cream; as that was "BIG" in those days....for those who can remember," A LITTLE DAB WILL DO YOU"!
I have remembered all these past years that I have missed having my Dad with us when we remembered so proudly this 4TH of July; as he has been gone for 25 years now and I miss him so very much. I can tell you; as I have always shared with others, that the soilder he was, he would be happy to pass away on this Indendence Day! As he was so proud of this Unnited States of I am of him for being my Father.
Forever in my heart and mind...


Blogger Terry said...

Great tribute to your loving and patriotic dad, Joyce. I know you miss him still

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