Sunday, April 01, 2007

Spring has Sprung!

Well, I don't like using others words, which is the title of my blog. But, this happens to be my favorite time of the year....I love, I mean this time.

The time that the weather is warming-up. My bulbs, in my garden, start to peek up from the ground. All the trees have a mind of their own; when they decide to show their leaves, sheltering them from being...NUDE ( I like to think) from the fall and winter weathers. Time to put on lighter clothing...Although we don't have severe weather, here in California, like most states, but we do have our time when long pants, sweaters, and coats are a must. From long, to now capris and then the shorts. I won't get into shorts until I receive that golden tan...may it be from a bottle or just the nice sun drenched tan, from mother nature. Oh, there have been many years, that I hid my pasty white legs under clothing so that they would not see the light of the day...for the others, that is. To me, there is something about two, bright, white sticks, walking around with a bright light around them. I know, this is probably only my thinking, but a shade of color is so much nicer to see that the bright lights of winters hiding.

I will change my winter clothes, in my closet, to perch lower for me to retrieve. The winter ware will be put higher and in back, of my shelves, waiting for the months of cold weather. I love wearing my different shoes, of color, at this time of the year. They will match my many outfits of capris and shorts....but, only when my tan appears; as that may take some time, but it will happen.

I have come to love the warm sun on my skin. I guess I needed to get arthritis to shed some of my longer clothing. The sun does wonders for my legs and even back. Although I won't show that side of back. Others may ask questions of why I have scars...with those darn back surgeries! I'll give myself some time in the back yard, to get started with the tan, look. May even start using some quick-tan...from the bottle.

Now, that's something to think about. Long ago, when Coppertone came out with the instant-tan-in-a-bottle, I was, I think, one of the first to try this miracle in the bottle. I visioned being so cool looking, bathing beauty, of the sun. Well, after smoothing it all over my legs, and arms, waiting for the natural, golden, tan, I was not amused to see that I instant, brightly colored, orange, smeared all over victim! Wow, now what am I going to do? I thought, I can't go out looking like this! Trying to rub the stuff off was not in the bottles directions. It just had to wash off. I did try to scrub, with all my strength..but it was just not going to wash off and into the drain. So, I had to shelter my skin from myself and all to see. Thankgoodness I did not tell everyone that I was going to... to the bottle!!

I think Easter has come to us, in that Coppertone it is like being an orange carrot on legs. Thankgoodness the cosmetic industry has come up with more natural products!!

So, even with this being my favorite time of the year, I will remove some clothes and,"MAY" let better and more improved products take hold of my skin, unlike the awful, "Carrot-in the Bottle!"

Happy Spring, to all...