Monday, May 14, 2007

Son's Day..

Well, as Mother's Day has come and gone; only on the calendar, though. Being a mom goes on as long as we are here. I'm not writing about Mother's Day, but it comes to mind that, where on the calendar does it post Son's Day or Daughter's Day?

If there were a Son's Day, I would do-up the house, make his favorite dinner and tell him just how proud I am of having him in my life. I do tell him, but celebrating that day as "Son's Day," would be set aside just for him.

I had a wonderful day with Paul and Alexis, on Saturday. Paul cooked a delicious dinner of pork chops, along with a tomato sauce covering the chop, red mash potatoes, callor greens...just the best dinner I have had in some time. What a wonderful gift that was for me. I had the afternoon out in the garden, doing nothing but enjoying the thought of my son doing this for me. The presentation of this meal was very," Restaurant-like!" The fact that he was willing to do this for me, just gives me a smile on my face...he's always been a, "Keeper", as I said when giving birth to him. The thoughtful and funny gifts he gave me...a large, very large wine glass, which, when putting my favorite wine in it, tastes so much better. The special napkins, with words of mine, that he found and gave me. The hugs and telling me that he has loved me from the start and now as an adult. Not to forget the beautiful card he found, with great thought, and the words he wrote about how grateful he is to have me as his mom. I took the card to bed with me last night and read it over and over again, as his words on that special card brings tears to my eyes and a smile on my face, to having a wonderful and thoughtful son, as I have.

My Paul has grown into an adult with strength of his own. He has had some rough times in his growing-up years and has showed himself and now me that he has over come some things and continues to go on with his life. He is so much fun to be with..his story-telling of things that have happened are hilarious. He can mimic anyone..better think about this one, as you might be the next. When seeing my Paul, those hugs are the best..I always look forward to those. Going to the local thrift shops are fun, as he is always amazed with the things I get for a real bargain price! Paul is very thoughtful of his friends and their family. In fact, he was sort of taken on what to do on this Mother's Day, as it was special day for me and his best friends family. This special event for Eric's mom but also his fiance just graduated, hoping to go on with her nursing. Paul called at the beginning of the week, telling me about the upcoming weekend and was hard to stretch his self with all; as a mother, I could tell he was struggling with the thought. He was torn on how he was going to be with me and his dad and be at the BBQ on Sunday to celebrate, not only M.D., but to celebrate the graduation of Ella. I'm all for sharing my boy with friends that mean so much to him and have helped him with many hard times. Eric and his family have done so much for him. It was time to share. So, we had a great afternoon, on Saturday, and well into the evening with my son and his Alexis. That was a wonderful time for me, to have him think of me and the others in his life, so with that, I was fine. It just shows me how thoughtful he is of others. We put on a C.D. of Boss Scaggs, in concert and danced in the front room...laughing all the time. I would not take that back for anything.
So, with the thought of us all having a, Son or Daughter's Day, I give these thoughts to my Paul.
I love my boy, more than the ball, more than the house and more than the big world.

Thank you, Paul for being the child and young adult you have become. I have truly been blessed with the best son a mother can have.
I love you, son.
Your mom...forever!