Saturday, November 25, 2006

Halloween at its best

Bill and I were invited to a Halloween fact it is now the 2nd and hope there are many more. Our friends, Richard and Jamie are so much fun and can put-on, only the best, party.

The real challenge, is to find the perfect costume and all the details that go along with them. We really were not sure what we wanted to be, until we were in our local Goodwill store. When entering, I went on my journey, to the back of the store. Not sure if you all are like me, being a, "Creature of Habit" and needing to go the same route, each and every time..but off I went.

Bill likes to look at everything, in mission, that day...."TO FIND THE PERFECT COSTUME"! I found where the Halloween "STUFF" was and there was a dress, long black, sort of a Gothic look. Really the only one that really stood-out, at me. I carried it around, until I came up-on the worse mask...ever and went to find, my Bill. He, at once liked the scary part and proceeded to find the rest of the costume. The cape was something he needed and there it was, among the rest of the costumes. He needed a pair of sandals and in his closet, they were. We had a bent-looking cane all he needed, now was a twisted rope for his waist. That he found at another Goodwill and his costume was all done.

I did buy the Gothic-looking dress and had the sandals at home. Found a long black wig and put it on....Not a nice sight, as I just got my highlights put in and at the forehead, one could see them. Not a pretty site, with the pitch-black, long wig. So, I decided not to wear if....besides, it kept sliding back off my forehead, and I could vision the, "Slippage"....after a few drinks!!! I found a plastic head piece (like a halo) and fixed it with black and gold netting for a long train- like affect. Put gold glitter, in my hair. Found a really neat belt and earrings at the Goodwill. So, off we went to the party.

Richard and Jamie have introduced us to many of their good friends. As you can see, many were dressed for the occasion. Lots of fun!

We are looking forward to the next Halloween Party and another, " Mission" to find our Costumes, next year!


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Passing of Uncle David

Well, the time did come....Bill's Uncle David passed away this Monday, Nov. 6th. We knew this would happen and after talking with his wife, Sara, last week there was a sense that it needed to happen, soon. David did, in some way try to remain here with us. Another, he was giving-up. He was in the Nursing home for almost 5 weeks. While there, he was not eating, not able to get out of bed, did not speak and the worse was that he was in so much pain. The Doctors there were trying to regulate his pain, but it was not happening. So, when hearing that, I was thinking, as hard as it was to think and say, he was not going to get better and death would take him from his constant pain.

As I said in my last blog, David was a soft and mellow man. With pride of his family and he would not want any to see him the way he was. He did not deserve this demon, of cancer; which was following him for more than 2 years. He did not deserve the pain, any pain, as he was a man of peace and love for all. His smile and sense of humor would melt you if you were in any pain.

It has taken a toll on my Bill. There have been so many; too many of his family members that are gone, in the past 20 years. Three Uncles, Three Aunts, his mom and his dear Granny. Now, with David's passing there is one to remain, and that is, Dear Sara,( Boog) as we call her. When the members of her family were taken from her, she was the one that stepped up to help, as did David. Boog was and still remains this way with neighbors and friends. Always coming to their hurt and being there with food in hand. She has been the strength for all. Now, she is alone; without her David. I see that God has been her strength within. Boog is not well, herself. She has much pain, with the arthritis and severe headaches, which has been with her for years. But she is a real trooper and always wanting to help others. I love her so.

Thursday, Nov. 9th, will be the services. We will not be able to attend, but will be there in thoughts and spirit, for the family. I am so fortunate to have had David in my life and truly will miss him, as will Bill and Paul. David was such a special man to us all.

So, farewell, David and we will someday be with you. We love you....