Friday, May 09, 2008

Our beloved...Abby

There is something to say about a companion and a pet. When having a pet, it is for life. May it be a short life or a long is never easy when I lose one. A pet is a luxury. That is: to love, honor, give, treat with respect...I could go on and on, but to lose is the worst feeling and an emptiness that will take a long time to leave the heart.
My Abby was such a sweet and gentle soul. She was part of our life, since she was just 6 weeks old. There was a difficult time, when she arrived at our home. Abby would chew the deck furniture, scratch the screen door, and dig up my bare root roses. Even though, I was not going to give her up. I was determined to see her threw this!
Bill and I loved to take her for walks. She would not take to other dogs, but I got her threw this, also. I realized she was really attached to me. Where ever I was, in the house or in the garden, Abby always wanted to be by my side....I loved that. When I left for work, she would be at the door. When I came home, she would be at the door. If I went up stairs she would be in front, going up to be with me.
I taught Abby to get the newspaper, in the morning. As, it was better for her to be seen, not Bill or I, with our sticky-up hair! Abby would be at the door, each and every morning, to please us and not to forget her treat, when she came in, with the paper. Her routine; when in the kitchen, with the paper in her mouth, was to go around the butcher block and Bill would tell her to drop it and she would. I taught her to shake, lay down and when she would bark too much and not stop, I would tell her to go upstairs and go to bed....she would. When I taught her to take a paper bag up stairs with a note for something, she was happy, to please. She would bring it down, once Bill would put the item in the bag, drop the bag and wait for her treat.
Abby tore her ligament when she was almost 2. Up until that, she would be left in the back yard, when we went to work. After the surgery, we kept her in the house and she was so happy with that. As I soon realized with all the destruction she did outside, she was diagnosed with, anxiety separation. She just wanted to be with us!
As the years went by, our Abby was happy to be in the house and with our indoor cats. She never bothered anything in the house. Abby shared her bed with the cats. She was my door bell. If I did not hear the bell, she would bark until I would get the door. There was such a connection, between Abby and I. When Bill would be out of town, Abby was there to keep me from being sad and I always felt she would protect me, from any danger.
Abby loved to go for her walks. She knew where her lead and collar was, and would carry her lead in her mouth, to the door. She loved to ride in the car. When Bill and I would go on trips, Abby would be with my mom. All I had to say was," want to go to Grandmas" and she would be at the door.
Bill noticed, at times, that Abby would howl, if she heard my voice on the answering machine. If I was not there, she was always waiting for me, with such joy, when I came home....I too, looked forward to seeing her!
I could see that Abby was showing her age and with her coshings disease, both were taking a toll on her. As the years went by, I could no longer take her for walks. As I would go out the door, for my walk, she would be at the door, barking, as if to say,"hey what about me!" It was just a bit difficult for her to take the long walks.
My heart hurt, to hear her at the door, but it was for her own I adored this dog!
Now my heart aches for the loss of our Abby. She was telling me, each and everyday that her time was coming, to leave us. I knew this was going to happen, sooner than I wanted...but when the time came, we made the hard decision to honor her the rest she needed. I made the appointment to be with her, when she was to leave us. Bill was not able to be with Abby and I, and with that I understood. With the attachment, Abby and I had, I would not just drop her off. She needed me there. So, with her on a quilt, given by the tech, I sat by her side and loved her...telling her, I would miss her and would always love her. Within minutes, she was gone. We had her for 15 years and they were the best 15 years I had with my beloved, Abby. She was the best companion, EVER!!!
We had her cremated and I will make her mini shrine, to be with us, forever, once I have her ashes.
My heart aches, each and everyday, without her presents in our home. Loving her, seeing her in the morning and saying good night to her. Things have changed, for us, but I will never forget, my Dear, Dear Abby. Fifteen years, may be a long time for having a pet, but not long enough for me.
FOREVER...ABBY April 28, 2008