Monday, June 03, 2013

I am a Grandmother~

Well, I am that...a proud grandmother. Owen was born on May 21st...a healthy 7lb. with a full head of hair, blonde hair at that. Bill and I drove to Santa Cruz to see our new grandson. Wow, seeing him and knowing he is now an Ensley makes us proud. Seeing Paul and how proud he was to finally have a child of his own, was overwhelming for me. While sitting in a rocker and holding Owen I looked at him in amazement. His features were so small and his little face was deep in thought. I could see some Paul and Lex in him. At times he would scrunch-up his mouth that reminded me of "The Elvis" side of his lip curled up with that famous look. His little mouth would pucker, his eyes would occasionally open with much confusion of what was going on and just where the heck am I, look. In wonder, while holding him did I think of Alexis's father, Pat who passed away in March of this year. In fact a few times while looking into Owen's face did I see some resemblance of him.
The journey of being a grandparent is just starting. I will see and feel the love from a small child that has come to us and will be loved till the end.
Happy Grandmother, to me~