Monday, June 02, 2008

Our memorial to Abby

It has been 5 weeks since we lost our Abby. With each and everyday, I see the face of Abby...waiting to go outside, wagging her tail, when seeing me, licking my hand, when I gave her a pat on the head or a hug. I see her on our monitor, as she posed for her picture, ever so happy to do so. One of her favorite places, was in the garden, with me. In the later days of her being with us, it was hard to play Frisbee or chase her ball, but she was always at my side when I would go out and work in the yard. Abby loved being out, with me. She would lay down, in her spot and with nose in the air, would seem to have a smile on her face, as it to say, " I am most happy, when out in the garden with my owner!" Just having her near by, was the best for me.

I waited almost 2 weeks before Abby's remains were given to us. I called to see how the process was going and was told that I could pick-up her Urn. As I drove to the Vets, I noticed I needed to take very deep breaths, to get me to calm down, knowing what was a head of me. I pulled in the parking lot and into the Veternarinan's office, I went. As I stood, waiting my turn to the desk, I flashed on the first time I took Abby to this Vet. Here she was only 6 weeks old and already so attached to me. She crawled up in my lap and hid her head under my arm; not realizing that she had separation/anxiety syndrome, at the time. I noticed people coming and going with their pets and loving them while waiting to be seen by the Vet. With the few minutes I stood in line, my mind went a hundred miles a minute. I know what I needed to do and when asked, the Tech immediately went in the back and retrieved our Abby. I was given a beautiful Condolence/in memory of, certificate. Along with a wonderful and meaningful letter, stating that in the end our Abby will forever be with us. My heart was filled with such pain, as I walked out of the office and into my car. I sat there, looking at all that was given and the tears were not going to stay within. When I got home, I cleared a spot, putting together all that was Abby's and made her memorial. I found a perfect frame for the certificate and all that mattered to us, with regards to our Abby. Her picture, nail clippers, lead and collar, one of her last and favorite stuffed animals and the many cards sent our way, from friends. Now when I go up stairs and back down, I can look at what is her and think of the happy times and the long time we had Abby. I can tell all, that I was not able to think...or at least did not let myself, think of Abby, in the first few weeks, as it just made my life miserable..with the loss.
I am so glad that we did have her cremated, as I know that she "is" with us and always will be.
Our beloved Abby, will be forever missed.
Love you Abby...