Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A visit from Terry....

It's been a week since Terry left California and I miss my best friend. I am happy that she has family, here, and that we continue seeing each other. I can't imagine not having her in my life. We spent most of the day, talking about our kids and visiting the local thrift shops, here in Salinas. It's most fun to be together, as we have done this for many, many years....let's say "way" past 20 years! Terry got me started in collecting, "red Kitchen ware"; I don't know if that was a good thing; as all of you know that when I collect...I really go all the way. Bill always says, "once you have 3 of something, you start a collection!" I agree to that, and have many more, collections. Take the pottery collection, the 50's kitchen collection, the coke collection, what did I leave out? Let's give Bill the credit too. Collecting, the razor collection, his stamp collection, the old and new toy collection, the clock collection, the golf collection, the radio collection, the 90%" in the garage", collection.....on and on and on! We don't do things in small ways, we "DO IN BULK!"
Terry is always asking me what is "new" in the house. She takes great steps in looking for the "new" and with that I find most we don't have anything ,"new", it's just the same old, old stuff! I know what she means...."what's new, in the old collections, we have?"
Yet, another Billism: "we don't want anyone entering our home and be visually starved"...well, that will never happen!!!! Ask Terry and she will tell you the many stories of where I got all this stuff. We spent many hours in the Goodwill, with our kids, when they were small. The clothes for the kids and their Cabbage Patch kids. Even my, clothes, " for my work!" (that's one that Terry and I share)....right Terr!
I do have to say, that there have been times when Terry was here for a visit, she would help me "purge" my closet...that's another thing I collect... a lot of clothes, shoes and I love my jewelry. So, with Terry, laying on our bed, and me at the closet, we would go through my clothes and she would let me know what I did and did not need. That was a great help; as I would keep it all, if need be. I did take a few things out, when she left; I do have to mention...but that's not a secret, between she and I!
That's what friends are for...the connection in life and I would not have it any other way. Just one of many stories we share.
Thanks for being in my life, Terry!!!!