Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oops I did it again...pressed the WRONG button..

A wonderful day it is! Bill and I are celebrating our 30Th Anniversary! Wow, to think back on that day reminds me of how fortunate I am to have married this wonderful man.
Now, we did not marry on Tax Day, April happened to be on Easter! I remember getting up with the thought of being Mrs. Bill Ensley. Well really; Billy, as that is his given name at birth. I just don't call him by that name!
We had chosen an out door wedding at the Asilimar Beach in Pacific Grove. It was a day like today, as a matter of fact! Sunny and a bit windy, in the afternoon. One can not reserve a spot on the Beach so we had to call it "our spot", when we arrived. Bill arrived first and noticed there was a couple at a picnic table, enjoying their Easter our chosen spot!! He asked if they would mind moving to another area, as he was getting married, right where they sat. At first they said, "NO" and then laughed and Bill and the man moved the picnic table and we had "OUR SPOT."
The couple remained there to witness our marriage. Maybe we should have had them to be OUR WITTINESS'S and sign the Certificate of Marriage...Ha!!! I chose a Victorian lace hat and a dress to match. Bill was in a tux...I know that does not surprise any of you. He has always said, "a man should be dressed in a Tux at least once a year" it makes one feel good!!!
We invited almost 75 friends and family. Bill's mom and grandmother flew out from N.C. and the celebration began.
I remember when the preacher asked, "who gives this woman away" dad was so proud it was Bill I was marring and he yelled, "HER MOTHER AND I!" Being a retired Drill Sargent you can only imagine he wanted everyone to hear how proud he was to have this day occur!!
Bill has been my support base for all these years. Can you imagine "ME" being the shy-one around crowds and not speaking...Not anymore! I am proud to say he showed me there are things to be done, places to see, and people to meet. HE has made me laugh and of coarse cry; as that goes both ways in a marriage. The learning of those times has made us bond even more.
We have shared and stayed together with so many great happenings being; given birth to a wonderful son, our Paul...the joy of our life together. The times we flew back to N.C. with my dad to have Bill and Paul meet my Grandmother, Aunt and Uncle, in Marion N.C. The times we sat on Granny's front porch with Bill's family, listening to the stories they shared with us...good and bad. I can tell you I will forever be grateful for them all! I am truly blessed to have experienced that sense of family connection and the love they gave us!
I miss his Aunt's and Uncle's. We have lost so many over the years. But with the passing of each and everyone of them, I have the happy times to remember and treasure all that was given to me when we did our mini family reunions with them.
We have met so many good friends over the past years. Shared so many things along the way...blessed for having each and everyone in our space of life.
You know, I could go on and on with the past and presant, and I wish to share just a few wonderful events in our life together....with the, "CHOSEN ONE" mate, Bill!!!
Love to all....

A wonderful Day...