Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Our Rusty

Today is not a very plesant day for Bill and I. We had to put Rusty, our cat down. Rusty was such a special pet. He was a quite cat, with a very kind heart. If you have a cat, as a pet, you see they can be so giving. His gentle sole came to us, 17 years ago.
While living on Maryal Drive, here in Salinas, Paul and a neighbor noticed 5 kittens in a neighbors back yard. The fact that we had two other cats, Bill mentioned, several times to us, that we did not need anymore. As the kittens got older, Paul and I decided that the kittens needed to be fed and given some water. We could not tell his dad, as he knew if we started to feed all of them, we would eventually fell in love with possibly one. When Bill would go to the store or just out of the house, I told him, those kittens needed to be cared for. So,Paul and I got the ladder and some canned food. Paul climbed up the ladder, throwing food on the ground. He forgot to keep the empty can and I had him climb over to retrie
ve it. If Bill got wind that we were feeding the kittens I would feel bad; as I told him we would not. I knew he was right about getting attached, but Paul and I felt bad for the little ones.

Eventually the kittens were on their own, as the momma cat wanted that...such is nature! Our two cats were getting older and I mentioned to Bill that we may want to adopt one. I coaxed him into climbing the ladder and looking at how very cute they were. Paul pointed out the Siamese mix...and history had it. Bill was still not keen on adopting another cat, but did.

As the years went by and Paul went off to College, Rusty became Bill's cat. We had a red blanket and that was Rusty's favortie, blankie. For years, he would climb into Bill's lap, in the evening; as Bill called it, "His Lap Time." Bill and Rusty did bond and they both looked forward to the Lap Time.

Our Rusty started showing age as the years went by, here on Rockport. He did what was expected of a cat getting older. He started to build a character of his sole and we saw him as such a special member of our family. He was a gentle old guy and pretty much slept a lot. He just stayed on his own and was never a bother. His buddy was Erbie; our other cat.... his brother, we called him. They slept together and as time goes on, I will see how very much Erbie will miss him.

When Rusty came to us, he was born without a tear duck in his right eye. He had a buck-tooth, that hung over his lip. He was our special guy. In the past few years, Rusty started to lose weight; which is normal. He had a step of his own...like a two step and another two step with a slight limp.. He had a cataract in his left eye, but never complained. He just kept going on. Rusty started to whine outside our bedroom door and we would let him in. He loved to snuggle and always wanted to be near us and stay warm.

With all the things that came to Rusty, I made light of; as it hurt me to see him age. I would refer to him, as my," Grumpy Humpity, One-eye,Buck-tooth, two stepper Rusty Dusty."

Bill and I took Rusty to the Vet, today and I decided to stay with him while the Vet injected the medicine that would take, our Rusty to Cat Heaven. I had him in my arms and pet him while waiting for the Vet to come in. I have never stayed with my pets, when they were put downas that was just too hard. I just felt I needed to be with him and he needed to have the last strokes and voice, to put him at ease. He went quickly, and I must say, as hard as it was to see him go, I am now glad that I did stay with him. We saw, with the time, as it came to relieve him of his pain, was the right thing to do. As I looked down at our Rusty, I told him how much we love him, that it was the best thing to do, and we will miss him so very much...

We love you, Rusty, Dusty....

We will miss you, Rusty...