Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 2 with my Nerve Stim....

Well, here it is day 2 and I am having better days than expected. I did see my doctor and the Rep. yesterday. I did get another level, where the "stinging" was changed. I went out in the front yard and decided to challange myself with the one thing that causes much gardening! When I just sit on my garden wagon, for minutes, that aggrivates my back. There I was all bent over for almost an hour...Yeh!!
It felt so good to be in the sun, with my garden tools at pun, with that one! When I did start to have some pain, I stopped. After gathering-up my tools and wagon, I had thoughts in my mind that I would indeed have lots of pain, as that is what follows with any actions that start the pain...well, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not!
I decided to do the next thing that most aggrivates my back pain...sitting! I went to the back, to enjoy our garden, with Bill. We sat there, talking about what occured in my, " adventures in my garden," he asking my how I felt. With a smile on my face, I told him that I did well and I had yet to take a pain pill. As a matter of fact...I did not take one, the whole day! Having the nerve stim. is a good thing, as the doctor states, most patients do not need to take as many, with this device.
So, day 3 is here, I will do another thing that causes my pain...volunteering at our local American Cancer Discovery Thrift Shop, here in town. I look forward to being there, not only for the dispaying of the items that come in, the people I work with, the many locals that come in, and knowing that what we sell goes to finding a cure for the dreadful disease of Cancer. I will look forward to doing all the things that do me in, at the end of my shift: like the walking, bending, standing, crouching, twisting and merchandising I do when I work. With the challange, I will see if my device helps me through the day. The trial is all about doing what I wish to much less pain I have, and will I have this device implanted so I can have a much better quality of life.
Thanks to all....

Oops, I forgot to mention that I had a good nights sleep. When rolling over to my other side and getting up, I had little pain....sleeping is another thing that aggrivates my back and goes into spasams, at times. A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP...Ahhhhhhhh!


Blogger Terry said...

And the best thing about this post was hearing about you having a good night's sleep!!! So glad to hear that! And to know that you are enjoying the gardening and the Thrift Store! Yeah for medical devices that really help people!!

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