Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 3 and 4 with my Nerve Stim...

Well, here it is already days 3&4 with my nerve stimulator placed in my lower back. I have not had to take any medication for the entire time, since the surgery on Wednesday....such a "good thing!" I volunteered at the shop...that went well. Yesterday was a fun day. Alexis had her Bridal Shower and it was a good turn-out. I met more of her family, like her grandmother and her daughter. Alexis' Aunt is an interior decorater and did a beautiful job with all the set-up and the food. I was just in-awe with what she had done with the tables and the colors were wonderful.
Alexis was all dolled-up with her hair done-up. What I mean with that, is she had her hair done like she will be wearing it for the wedding. One of the games we played was: Name all the things Alexis is wearing, today and what her wedding dress will look like. She had to leave, the room and we all sat, with pen and paper in hand. After winning and telling all what I had wrote, here is what I saw.
Alexis was wearing:
Pearls in her curls of hair.
Engagement Ring
Sweater, tan and beige
Eye liner
Eye shadow, dark
and even, and not to forget, her nose ring...well, that got a laugh, but, she was wearing that too!
As far as the dress:
All lace, with an under lining of beige silk.
It is sleeve-less
That's all I could remember about it.
But I WON!!!
Knowing me, the beautiful Wine Stopper was just what I I love my wine!
So, with that happening throughtout the day and me having to sit for that long period of time, there was still very little pain....that's a good thing!
Today I will volunteer at the shop, once again, and hope the rest of my day goes well, just like the other days while I TRIAL!!!


Blogger Terry said...

Horray for the nerve stimulator!! So glad it is going well for you and you were able to enjoy the shower!

8:11 PM  

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