Monday, August 28, 2006

If only.....

If only I could go back in time. I would change some things that matter, most to others. I've never been one to do harm, intentionally to others.... It's just against my grain. We go through life with many challenges. Even the ones that happen to others, give us a chance to learn from. There are the ones that are not with pleasure; those are the challenging. Like having to get up in front of a large class...that I can't handle with ease. I know, some of you would think the opposite with that one! Having to help others, now that's right up my alley...that can be a fun challenge! Finding the right card; may it be for a birthday, just to say, Hello, when one is ill, and then the right card, for a death of a special one. Those can and do bring a challenge to ones life.

We have but yet, one time on this earth. We will make that choice with the challenges ahead, to learn from all. If we choose to ignore what faces us, that is only the choice of the individual! That can do more harm, than I see it. Life does go on.... but, there's something that is left behind.

Life, I feel, is truly what we make of it. If one seems to think of only the negative, then that's what they will have in front of them. Laughter is such a wonderful release of the everyday challenges...for me, anyway! I realize that I do see things in a different way, of others....but that's,"ME"!

At times, one will do or say something to others, without thinking, and that can do harm...we all have done that! I have been blessed to have family and friends around me, to help me along the learn, be that, of a better person. I have had many struggles in my early life, to which at the time, were overwhelming..but looking back now, I have survived and become stonger. May the challenges be good or bad....that can be a good thing, to help us along the way of the daily chores in front of us.

If only.....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Before the world changed...

When I think of how our world was......pre 9/11.

1.) Getting up, without the worry of what could happen, next.
2.) Going to work and managing what is in front of us.
3.) Not having the constant reminder of the war at hand; we can thank G.W., for that!!!
4.) Being able to fill our vehicles with gas and not have to sacrifice a days pay.
5.) Not having to look at others with cause of fear, to what they might do, as far as our satety.
6.) Getting on a plane with our shoes on!
7.) Being able to take a bottle of water on the plane.
8.) For those who have babies: not having to taste the baby formula before getting on a plane.
9.) Not seeing or hearing of the daily sacrifices of our soldiers; in this mess-of-a-war!!
10.) I could go on and on with all that has changed our world and daily thinking of the next...that could isn't a thought that I want to continue to's reality and a reminder of what our world has become.
We all need to take a look at what we have and enjoy all....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

My Grandma Scherer

When thinking of a Grandma...I think of my Grandma Scherer. Granny was born in Germany. She has been deceased for some time now.....and I miss her ever more. My mom would visit her mom every other year and I was always envious of that; as I wanted to go and be with, My Granny! There were times when Granny would come for a visit and stay with our family for weeks and even months at a time. I was always happy when she arrived. She had gifts for that's not the reason I loved having her here!

Granny was a gentle person and so elegant. She wore the best clothes and shoes. Her jewlery, was to die for! I had thought many times over; when she came to visit, just how young she always looked. As years passed, my mom told me she had several facelifts. It didn't matter to me; as she was My Granny! She didn't like to speak of her age. On one of her visits, I remember taking her to our local coffee shop. I was so proud of her and wanted all to see. I remember introducing her as," My Grandmother!" She was not happy to have all hear that; as she said," don't call me that, in front of anyone!" We laughed when we got out in the car. She just looked at herself with such pride and I knew that. It really didn't bother me; as that was My Granny!

On one occasion, I remember Granny going out on a date. She had met a man at the local coffee shop. Granny would get her hair done every other week. It would be bleached or washed and styled. The date came in between her hair appointments and she needed to have her hair fixed. With no time to spare, she had my mom drive her down to the nearest drug store. There she bought a wig...a really ugly one! It had a cloth band around it and the hair part looked like cotton me anyway! Granny took pride , in that she would not leave the house or even answer the door without her make-up on and her hair done; not to forget the best clothes on.... Hey, that sounds like me!!! Anyway, the afternoon of her date, she decided to wash the "cotton candy" wig and hang it on the line to dry. We had lots of wind that day and my mom and I noticed it had blown dow. My Grandmother was outside, running after her wig..she did retreive it. She was ready to get all dressed up and waited for her date. I remember him being much younger than she; but that didin't matter, as she was happy. Off they went and to this day, my mom and I still laugh about what we saw.

Granny loved the beach, so I would drive her to the ocean. We would sit and talk about how beautiful it was. We had a small park up the street from our house and we would sit on a bench and talk there, too. She spoke English very well...I thought. She would occationally excuse herself with words of the English lauguage. We always understood ourselves and I always looked forward to being with her.

When Granny was back in her Country, we would write often. She knew how much I loved dogs and would always send me Doggie this day, I have them in a box and cherish them. Granny would send us Christmas packages with lots of goodies. The Gummy Bears were the best, and not yet in the U.S. The cookies and cakes in Germany are not as sweet as ours here..which I like more. The wrappings on the gifts were so different and looked forward to getting everything she sent. I still have two German dolls she sent and would not part with them..ever!

I miss those days; with My Granny! She gave me many happy times when growing up and I love to think how much she influenced me in so many ways. I miss her so...

Monday, August 07, 2006

Dad's Medal of Honor...

In a recent blog, I told of how I am trying to have my dad's status changed regarding the Medal of Honor. I have now reached a fork-in-the-road with this matter. A letter was sent to me with an explanation of what I need to do next. The Medal of Honor is not given out freely and one must go along with all the requests of the Department of the Army's wants and needs.
I am now asked to try and find any commanders, leaders, eyewitnesses and fellow comrades. When thinking of how I am to find any of those, is overwhelming; as I can't imagine any are still alive! I also need to submit my request through a Member of Congress; as with the time that has lapsed, this is needed. My brother has been on line, asking for help from anyone out there that had a member of their family at the site, with my dad.....No luck on that one!
I will keep trying to do what ever it takes to get this Medal for my father. He needs to be recognized as the loyal and dedicated man that he was and for the freedom of us all. A Solute to my Dad!!!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Superman 2

When writing and sending yesterday's blog we were not able to send the third picture. So, here is Paul before his disguise. I guess we could say, he is in his Clark Kent mode...hand on hip and with such authority!