Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Chrismas!

From our yours.


Bill, Joyce & Paul

Monday, December 11, 2006

Halloween Pictures ! (I HOPE)

The photos from Halloween. Enjoy!

It is.....A Wonderful Holiday Season!

Yesterday was truly a, Wonderful Holiday Season! Bill and I were out and about on this Sunday afternoon. We needed to visit Costco and turn in some film. While there we looked at, "Big Screen T.V.s" and off we you believe we went in that store and did not leave with any purchases..... That's hard to do, as that is one of my favorite stores, to get different items!

I needed some extra, mini-Christmas bulbs for small trees throughout the house and we wanted some lunch, as well. As we walked out of Costco, Bill said he wanted to have a hotdog. Salinas, is not known for, "Fast Food Hotdogs," so, we decided to go to the
Home Depot, as they would hopefully have the mini-lights and we knew there was a new hotdog stand, yes, in the Home Depot! There were no lights, but the hotdog was a real treat...actually a good dog, expensive, but well worth it!

With still not lights in hand, we decided to go to Longs, on our way home. As we went through the Mini-Mall, to get to the Longs Drug Store, we noticed a few Police cars and men and some clerks that we know, when shopping at our favorite grocery store...Nob Hill. We continued on to the Longs Store, near the end of the Mall. We were parked, right in the front. I went in and began my shopping, for several things and did find my a 40% savings! I went to the register and the clerks started talking about taking a call about some person, "on the loose"...for what I did not ask! When I got out on the store, I noticed Bill motioning me to," GET IN THE CAR"! As I went to the car, I turned to my left and noticed 3 police officers, with guns pulled and in the corner; with what I thought, was a suspect. When in the car, I looked down to my left, again, at the Block Buster and there was yet another police officer, with his gun pulled, looking down towards the Longs Drug Store. Bill told me that he watched, all that was going on, while I was in the store. He did not want to get out and saw the officers motioning for people to get back in their cars..some just went on their way. Bill was thinking of all sorts of things, including that the, Person" may be in the Longs Store. He wanted to come in and see if I was alright, but decided with all the guns pulled and the fact that something, "Was", going on, he stayed in the car. When we got out of the Mini-Mall, we noticed so many cops and cars and still did not know what was going on.

Later in the evening, when getting in bed, we decided to watch the local news and heard that there was a felon who did break into a house, stole a gun and crashed his car into several cars in the Nob Hill parking lot. The suspect ran from the scene and was thought to be in the, LONGS DRUG STORE...YEP, and there I was, in the store, not knowing what was going on. In fact, I was at the register, when telling the clerks about when our Paul got robbed in Arizona and how I wanted to leave Salinas, partly because of the crime in this city! Many innocent by stander, in the right place at the wrong time!!!

Thank goodness, all went well and there was no one hurt. As far as the suspect, he is still, at large.

I do hope you all have a safe Holiday Season..just keep your eyes and ears, open to all.

Happy...Safe, Holiday Season!!!!
Love you...