Saturday, August 23, 2008


I'm going to try and post a few photos of Baylee...Wish me luck!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A new puppy..

It has been just a few months since we lost our dear Abby. My heart ached all the time. I have always had a dog in my life...raised with them through-out my child hood. I began looking on line, at our local animal shelters. By NO means was I trying to replace my Abby...just the ache and loss of her. I looked on a daily basis. Bill was not keen on getting another puppy, but I was on a mission! One morning, while on line, I saw a puppy that would be perfect for us. I showed him and he said," go look at her!" did I hesitate...Nope! I sent an email to the shelter; as they were yet opened. I called, too. I had not seen this puppy, remember, I have been on line..daily. A staff member called and I told her I was looking for a puppy. Because I did not fill out an adoption application, I was not able to put a hold on her. When I mentioned that we were ready to adopt, with the loss of our Abby, the staff member here when we open and I will let you see her. I was so excited, to say the least! I got to the shelter, at 11:45. The shelter opened at noon. When the doors opened, I was the first to enter. I mentioned who I was and was given a leash and the cage number. As I walked through, I could see the other dogs at the front of their cage. I tried not to look, too hard as this gives a lump in my stomach. If I had the room, beleive me, I would take them all!! I amde it to the cage and there were 4 sweet puppies...all litter mates! 2 girls and 2 boys. I was told that the puppy I was looking for was No. 97. I went in and it was not east to find the no. on the collar. Try and get in with 4 12 week puppies, all wanting the attention and you would be over-whelmed. I finally put a hold on our little-one and told the staff, that I needed Bill to see her. Bill worked on that day, but I was able to tale him into seeing her. When we got there, we needed to find our puppy. Again, that was a hard thing to do. I found a female and decided that was her. We took her out and sat on a bench...she was so dosole and loved her, right away. OOPs, she was the wrong one. So, we had to put her back in and get the right one. She was just as dosole, as her sister. Bill wanted a real 6-8 weeks old. This one was not...and the fact that she has such BIG feet, he was concerned about her getting so big. As, the puppies are Rotteiller/lab mix. We decided she was the one and adopted her that day. Her other siblings were already adopted and another person wanted to adopt a female. So, my persistance, being at the right place, at the right time, we found the puppy we wanted. All the puppies were found on the side of the road, not far from Salinas. Someone docked their tails and decided they did not want the...I find this sooooo awful. The pain they all must have indeared!! We are now the proud owners of Baylee. She has a very easy temperment. Sits on demand, well, she likes that, on her own. I have taught her how to shake and that was so easy. Bill and I will start her obedience training on the 27Th. With this we will acclimate her to all the other dogs at the site. Perhaps one of her sibblings will be there? The vet says that Baylee will most likely be around 85lbs. So, obedience is a must. And I like having a well-behaved-dog. I am now looking foreward to having daily walks with Baylee. It already gives me great plesure to come home and see how happy she is to see me. With no tail, well a nub, she gets her back end going and does real well with her butt going with the motion. I love seeing her play with her toys and enjoying being in a happy home. I love showing her off, as she is well worth that. I love seeing her come, when asked and sitting by my side. I love seeing her play with the cats, with assistance. The cats are tollorating her and it has been a trying time. They all seem to be getting along, though. Baylee loves to go out with Bill, on her short walk. With her being so new to the world, she will sit one her own when something new is in her site and just stare at it or who. She looks as if she is taking "all" in and with great joy. She is not aggressive, in any way and loves the attention. We have never crate-trained a puppy. We both decided to do it. The first night was very hard. Baylee could not understand why she was left in the crate...I guess with just being at the shelter and with her sibblings. So, she was very distressed and howled and cried throughout the night. I though Bill was going to take her back...not me. I have a sense for an animal and knew we could not let her out. She was just going to have to get use to going in for the night. The days passed and she got better and better. She now sleeps through the night, with great ease. She does not like going in and does that with a little help, but once in she is fine. My days are now filled with joy. I think of my Abby and know she is in peace. I look at her memorial at the foot of the steps and smile when looking at all, knowing that we had her for a long time and loved every minute of her. We have saved a puppy from the possibilty of being put down or having a terrible non-loving family. we will enjoy the days ahead and the love that we give and the love she will give to us.