Friday, January 26, 2007

Happy Birthday, Paul!

Well, as I see this day, it's not another's my sons birthday! Wow, 27 years old! I feel like I am just a few years older than he. O.K., I fib; just a mind feels like I am, but my body differs with that one.

When I think of Paul and how very blessed we are to have him, I think of all the accomplishments he has done in his life.

Being born was one, as he was not really ready to come out and venture to new and good things on this earth. There he was, feeling all comfy and cozy while I carried him for more than the nine months. What a big boy he was....all, 9 lbs and 21 inches. Full head of hair (blonde) and cute as can be!!! The nurses thought he needed a, "New Doo", so they combed his hair, making him look like a cute little baby girl...NOT! I remember Paul being elementary age and telling his friend that, " my mom had me and "POOF" I was born...another NOT!! I was in labor for 21 hours and then a C-section; I don't think that was a ,"POOF!"

The years rolled by, so quickly for me, anyway. Elementary school was a breeze for Paul. Middle School was another thing, with bullies and all; he came out of those years...he came out with good grades and accomplished that! We all agreed it was time for Paul to go to a private school and so Monte Vista Christian, in Watsonville, was the place he finished his final high school years. He met many friends and with these days, spends lots of time with and remains close with. Paul went off to college and I do have to say, that was very hard for me, not to mention his dad. He finished and got his accompishment, we are both very proud of him for doing!

We all have things in our lives, that are hard to deal with, at times, and our Paul had his. But, with family and friends near by, we have seen another accomplishment, for him; he is doing well and we are so very proud of him.

So, with this day, being, "Paul's Day," his dad and I want to wish him the best ever.
We love you Paul and have a great day!!!


We love you!
Your Mom and Dad

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Our Little Baby Gap Contestant

I've noticed in the last few days, there has been something missing in my daily chores. Well, not so much a chore, but a pleasure. The first thing I did each and everyday when signing on to check what would be of interest to me when checking my email.

My first pleasure and wants, was to see that little Sarah was to get MY vote while being a contestant for the Baby Gap Contest. I feel in this extended family of Erin, Brent and Sarah that it has been indeed a pleasure to see that she would get my support; not wanting to be parcel, but really the cutest baby, In the LINE-Up!!!

With Bill working and not able to use the computer at work; for the voting, let me reassure all of you, that I DID remind him to cast his vote, when at home and checking his emails. At times he had done so and the others, I would put him to shame for checking his email, first, and not making the voting a priority. He was always willing!

Now with just a few days to find out, while the counting begins and the anticipation of who will be the next Baby Gap Baby, I must say it's been a pleasure to have had the opportunity to be one of the many voters out there to cheer Sarah on, with a vote of confidence that she will be the next....BABY GAP BABY!!!

It's been fun and with that I will thank her Mom for finding the fun in life and wanting to share with all.

Thanks DeeDee, as my fingers are crossed!

Love you....