Friday, June 25, 2010

My Stim....Day 9

Well, here it is day 9 and I am without my trial stim. I had my last appointment with my doctor and the tech, yesterday. Our discussion was about how I have felt in the past days since I saw was fantastic! Very little pain with the leads and a success, as far as I am concerned!!!
The leads placed just below my belt line and just under the skin were removed. I asked the doctor why I could not leave them in and it was stated because of a risk of infection.
Within a few hours I had the start of some pain...really not too bad. I did, however not sleep as well I did when the leads were in. I have decided that I really need to be very careful not to do things that will aggrivate my getting into the pain mode. I am in constant pain, throughout the day, but I will have to start to become more aware, with thought always in mind, once again.
Just 3 weeks away. I really don't look forward to having surgery, but I will do what is needed to have the quality of life, I have experienced in the last week. There is now hope, without the thought of another major back surgery!
I thank those who have made comments on my blog, with the happy notes and encouragement you have given for me while I was, "in trial!"
I am so looking to the days after the surgery and the healing, so that I can get on with my life and so the things that others do, without the dreadful daily pain!
I have decided to get this done, as I have a wedding to look forward to and that is for our son, Paul and his future bride, Alexis..
Let the party begin, as I am looking forward to that exciting day!!!
Love you all....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 3 and 4 with my Nerve Stim...

Well, here it is already days 3&4 with my nerve stimulator placed in my lower back. I have not had to take any medication for the entire time, since the surgery on Wednesday....such a "good thing!" I volunteered at the shop...that went well. Yesterday was a fun day. Alexis had her Bridal Shower and it was a good turn-out. I met more of her family, like her grandmother and her daughter. Alexis' Aunt is an interior decorater and did a beautiful job with all the set-up and the food. I was just in-awe with what she had done with the tables and the colors were wonderful.
Alexis was all dolled-up with her hair done-up. What I mean with that, is she had her hair done like she will be wearing it for the wedding. One of the games we played was: Name all the things Alexis is wearing, today and what her wedding dress will look like. She had to leave, the room and we all sat, with pen and paper in hand. After winning and telling all what I had wrote, here is what I saw.
Alexis was wearing:
Pearls in her curls of hair.
Engagement Ring
Sweater, tan and beige
Eye liner
Eye shadow, dark
and even, and not to forget, her nose ring...well, that got a laugh, but, she was wearing that too!
As far as the dress:
All lace, with an under lining of beige silk.
It is sleeve-less
That's all I could remember about it.
But I WON!!!
Knowing me, the beautiful Wine Stopper was just what I I love my wine!
So, with that happening throughtout the day and me having to sit for that long period of time, there was still very little pain....that's a good thing!
Today I will volunteer at the shop, once again, and hope the rest of my day goes well, just like the other days while I TRIAL!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 2 with my Nerve Stim....

Well, here it is day 2 and I am having better days than expected. I did see my doctor and the Rep. yesterday. I did get another level, where the "stinging" was changed. I went out in the front yard and decided to challange myself with the one thing that causes much gardening! When I just sit on my garden wagon, for minutes, that aggrivates my back. There I was all bent over for almost an hour...Yeh!!
It felt so good to be in the sun, with my garden tools at pun, with that one! When I did start to have some pain, I stopped. After gathering-up my tools and wagon, I had thoughts in my mind that I would indeed have lots of pain, as that is what follows with any actions that start the pain...well, I was pleasantly surprised that I did not!
I decided to do the next thing that most aggrivates my back pain...sitting! I went to the back, to enjoy our garden, with Bill. We sat there, talking about what occured in my, " adventures in my garden," he asking my how I felt. With a smile on my face, I told him that I did well and I had yet to take a pain pill. As a matter of fact...I did not take one, the whole day! Having the nerve stim. is a good thing, as the doctor states, most patients do not need to take as many, with this device.
So, day 3 is here, I will do another thing that causes my pain...volunteering at our local American Cancer Discovery Thrift Shop, here in town. I look forward to being there, not only for the dispaying of the items that come in, the people I work with, the many locals that come in, and knowing that what we sell goes to finding a cure for the dreadful disease of Cancer. I will look forward to doing all the things that do me in, at the end of my shift: like the walking, bending, standing, crouching, twisting and merchandising I do when I work. With the challange, I will see if my device helps me through the day. The trial is all about doing what I wish to much less pain I have, and will I have this device implanted so I can have a much better quality of life.
Thanks to all....

Oops, I forgot to mention that I had a good nights sleep. When rolling over to my other side and getting up, I had little pain....sleeping is another thing that aggrivates my back and goes into spasams, at times. A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP...Ahhhhhhhh!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Journey into my Chronic Back Pain...

For those who know me and the back pain that I have endured for over 28 years, thanks for listening to what I am about to do, in hopes to get some relief.
With the second back surgery in 2004, my back pain has cause more pain than I want/needed, on a daily basis. So, I retired from a job I truly loved...being an Assistant for Special Ed. Children.
Last year, in December, I had a Nerve Stimulator placed on the areas that give me the most pain. It was a trial to see if I would get the most relief. I "trialed" for 9 days. After the trial period, the leads were taken out and I did get some relief.
There are no medications involved, the device sends a message to the brain, when the pain starts and it cuts off the pain in its path. If a patient gets a good amount of pain relief the device is then implanted under the skin. The patient has this for almost 7 years, using it for pain relief. After that time, the device would need to be surgically removed and a new battery would be replaced.
My mom, at her age of 87 needed a lot of help, soon after I had the trial. I was the only family member that was willing to help her, so I put the surgery aside...that is, having the device surgically implanted.
It has been 6 months, my mom is doing things, on her own, so I decided to see my specialist. I will have the trial on Wednesday, 16th. I will have 7 full days to do the things that have caused my pain. I can tell you, I am looking forward to see if this will be the answer to giving me the relief, I so desperatly need and want. And my quality of the PITS, at this time!
After many years of back pain, I have been able to do some things and have just went with the pain...after awhile, one just gets use to what they have...I know I have, as I've been told, I have a High Tolerance for Pain.
Some of the many chores and daily things that aggrivate my back pain are:
Standing for long periods of times...
And, just about everything else one does, on a daily, I always need to think, before I do...and then at times, when I do have a good day, I just go at it without thinking and pay for it with the severe pain that I will have in the next days ahead.
I am looking forward to doing the trial, again. I will keep a journal and do all the "normal" living, that others do, and see how this device will help me. I wanted to do another trial, because I want to make sure this is going to give me the quality of life we all deserve. This implant is a major surgery.
So, with this journey, (trial) I will take with a smile on my face. Hopefully there will be the next, in my journey, to have the nerve Device implanted and the quality of life I am looking forward to.
Many thanks for listening...